Lacanian Orientation Activities

     The Houston Freudian Field Library was initiated in 2002 as an adherent to FIBOL (Federacion Internacional de Bibliotecas de Orientacion Lacaniana- International Federation of Lacanian Orientation Libraries). In 2010, after several years of decisive work, it became a NEL-FIBOL member. In 2018, it became an NLS member. It also belongs to the International Network of Lacanian Orientation Libraries within the Freudian Field. FIBOL was created in 1990.The HFFL has been a site of early and continuous construction, where we put into practice the desire to learn from each other.

Its activities are free and are devoted to research, study, and the spread of psychoanalysis in reference to the Teachings and the Clinic of Jacques Lacan, their connections, the “Return to Freud”, and the request of “Freudian Education” made by Jacques-Alain Miller.

We maintain  dialogue with some institutions in our field of action, with teachers and students from two colleges, with two universities and with a support center for abused women in the Houston area. Our Library is open to analysts and non-analyst professionals and encourages the participation in its “intention and extension activities” and also, it promotes the formation of Lacanian Cartels.

We have ongoing reading seminars throughout the year. For more information, click here:

In this nucleus of the Freudian Field in Houston, we work on Lacan’s texts  supported by the well known “Discipline of commenting on a text” and we strive to pass on to interested participants about the teachings of Jacques Lacan, that learning  from Psychoanalysis necessarily passes through the Clinic and of course through the personal analysis.