Web project

Responsible for the HFFLCarmen Navarro-Nino AP. AMP. NLS. NEL. LC member.

Maria-Cristina Aguirre AME. AMP. NLS. NEL. LC member.

Alícia Arenas. Councelor. AME. AMP. NLS. NEL.

Maurien Elise Caron Z AP. LC member.
Design & ElaborationValeria Ravier. Grecia Briceño Parra. Micaela I Leni Larralde. Diego A. Parra
Editorial Committee Carmen Navarro-Nino. Luis F Nino. Edgar V Marín.
TranslationsEdgar V Marín. Marianela Bermudez-Cuns. Luis F Nino.
Participants in the meetings of elaborationPhase 2: Carmen Navarro-Nino. Maurien E Caron Z AP. Valeria Ravier. Edgar V Marin.

Phase 1: Carmen Navarro-Nino, Valeria Ravier, Marianela Bermudez-Cuns, Edgar V Marin, Mercedes Negrón and Luis F Nino.

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