Houston Open Sky

      Houston Freudian Field Library publishes the Houston Open Sky, a periodic bulletin, in English and Spanish, which encourages the formation of Lacanian Cartels for those interested in the Lacanian Orientation Analysis, the Teachings and Clinic of Jacques Lacan.

Editor: Carmen Navarro-Nino.

Director: Marianela Bermudez-Cuns.

On line Publication Director: Valeria Ravier

Members: Carmen Navarro-Nino, Valeria Ravier, Edgar V. Marín, Maurien E Caron Z.

Translation: Edgar V Marín, Valeria Ravier, Marianela Bermudez-Cuns.

English Texts revision: Edgar V Marín and Luis F Nino

Spanish/English texts revision: Editorial Committee HFFL.

All texts revised and authorized by their authors.