Impressions about Houston

Which city?

     The first time in Houston is usually preceded by a question: Houston?

However, there are many ways to come. You may come in a direct flight, with connections, swimming and maybe in the future in a spacecraft

You can pass through Houston in several ways. As one of the few who venture into its wide streets, located in what used to be an almost impassable swamp; in large trucks or in small Mini Coopers; parading on a horseback at the time of the rodeo; or even walking through the tunnels of the underground city, built six meters below downtown, with ten km in length.

There are plenty of ways to be in Houston: tourists of the most improbable kinds, business people on short trips, those participating in conferences, expatriates, immigrants and even Houstonians.

There is much to do in Houston …


More precisely, I would say that Houston is located somewhere between those strange undergrounds and the infinity of space, or rather between the opacity and the misfit.

There are few ways not to come to Houston.

By Valeria Ravier


Image: René Magritte. (1898-1967) (The Healer) 1967 Bronze, edition. The Menil Collection. Houston Photograph: Hickey Robertson, Houston, Tx.

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