The Rodeo

The Rodeo, a place for ties and connections

     Every February the nation’s fourth largest city welcomes local and foreigners to celebrate Agriculture, Education, Entertainment & Western Heritage.
The trails created by the Old West Pioneers lead participants through 13 different routes to approach the city for a celebration that lasts 20 days creating and maintaining ties with farmers and cattlemen, while providing entertainment and support for education.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, also called RodeoHouston, is the world’s largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition . This year more than 2,260,000 people were hosted by more than 24,000 volunteers. Since its beginning in 1932 it has made important contribution to scholarships, research, endowments, calf scramble participants, junior show exhibitors, the Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence™, School Art participants, and other educational and youth programs.