Cartel Activities


     We encourage the Lacanian Cartels’ activities at the Houston Freudian-Field Library. The HFFL cartels have been registered one by one at the NEL-Miami, and recently also registered in the important movement towards a Lacanian School in USA, called “Lacanian Compass”.In Houston we are currently working on a cartel titled:”Questions about the Symbolic.” 
Cartelisands and The Themes of Work or Cartel Subjects:
The “Plus one”, Marianela Bermudez-Cuns:  Symbolic and Fiction.
1-Edgar Marin: The Symbolic.
2-Carmen Navarro-Nino:  Symbolic and Writing.
3-Luis F. Nino: Symbolic and Language.
4-Valeria Ravier: Nothing is Something. The Symbolic as Edge.