“Questions about the Symbolic” – Final Open Sky Meeting of a Lacanian Cartel –

Houston Freudian Field Library. Nel-Fibol Member
The Houston Freudian Field Library NEL-FIBOL, cordially invites you  to
the Final Open Sky Meeting of  a Lacanian Cartel,  Saturday October 6, 2012
           “Questions about the Symbolic”
Marianela Bermudez-Cuns, the Plus-One. 
Marin, EdgarCartel’s subject: Reflections on the Symbolic Order
Navarro- Niño, Carmen Cartel’s subject: Symbolic and Writing
Niño, Luis FernandoCartel’s subjectSymbolic and Language.
Ravier, ValeriaCartel’s subject:  Nothing is Something. The Symbolic as an Edge.
Date: Saturday, October 6th , 2012.
Time: 10: 30 am to 12: 30 pm.
Location: Lone Star College – Fairbanks Center
Room 201 – 2nd. Floor.
14955 Northwest Freeway / 290
Houston, TX 77040
Free admission
The Cartel:
“For the execution of the work [of the School] we will adopt the principle of a sustained work in a small group. Each one of them – we have a name to designate these groups – will consists at least of three people, five at most, four is a fair measure. The Plus-One is responsible for the selection, discussion and destination that should be reserved for the work of each one.
After a certain period of operation, to the elements of a group is proposed that they permute in another”
Jacques Lacan
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