Plenary session of PIPOL 6

Sunday 7th July 2013

After Oedipus Women are conjugated



8.50-9.00 : Performance



9.00-9.30 : Start-Up

Gil Caroz : Opening

Isabelle Durant (Vice President of the European Parliament) : Welcome

Leonardo Gorostiza (President of the WAP) : Brief introduction on the theme  


9.30-10.30 : The Clinic After Oedipus

Chair : Paola Francesconi   

Eric Laurent : The Psychoanalytic Clinic in the Era of the All-Alones

Miquel Bassols : The Decline of Psychiatry, and Then ? 

Alexandre Stevens : When There Is Feminine in the Institution 


10.30-11.30 : Lacanian Actions

Chairs : Judith Miller and Jean-Daniel Matet

Nathalie Laceur : Go! before the Refusal of the Real 

Yulia Akhtyamova : An Apartment in Moscow   

Mireille Battut : My Desire for La main à l’oreille 


11.30-12.30 : Women, Religion, Secularism

Jeannette Bougrab (French politician, doctor of public law and maître de requêtes (Counsel) at the Council of State of France, former secretary of State for the Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Life and former president of the High Authority to Combat Discrimination and Promote Equality (HALDE). Author of the book, Ma République se meurt)

With Lilia Mahjoub and Jacques-Alain Miller 


12.30-14.00 : Pause


14.00-15.00 : Mitra

Mitra Kadivar : A Superb Self-Reliance

With Jorge Forbes and Gil Caroz


15.00-16.00 : Hypermodern Women

Chair : Marco Focchi 

Mercedes de Francisco : Love in the Feminine   

Philippe Hellebois : Scandalous Women

Stella Harrison : Feminine Homosexuality News 


16.00- 17.00 : Feminine Passages

Chair : Marie-Hélène Brousse

Hélène Bonnaud : What Writes Itself of Her Speaks to Me    

Paola Bolgiani : From Mother to Woman

Guy Briole : Not-Allism in the Future

Araceli Fuentes : What Crosses My Body


17.00-17.20 : Presentation by Jacques-Alain Miller


17.20-17.30 : Acknowledgements

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