weather Alert

DATE: January 28, 2014 8:21:18 AM CST      

Alert Houston | Winter Weather Update, City of Houston Suspends all Non-Essential City Functions

The National Weather Service has issued Winter Weather Advisory for Houston for much of Tuesday.  Main threats from this system include freezing rain and sleet.  This may cause dangerous driving conditions throughout the City.  Residents are urged to begin preparing for this threat by ensuring they have a plan for communication and travel during this event.  This includes protecting People, Pipes, Pets and Plants from the impact of cold weather.  Residents are also urged to stay off the roads today, as freezing rain can cause roads to become icy, especially at elevated roads, overpasses and bridges.

City Closures

As a result of this winter weather threat, the City has closed all non-public safety services on Tuesday, January 28th.  Only those services (such as public safety) that are deemed “essential” are operational. This includes the closure of libraries, service centers, courts and park facilities.  Trash collection is also delayed for a day as a result of the closure. Residents scheduled for collection on Tuesday should prepare to have it collected Wednesday.  The normal trash collection schedule will resume Thursday. The City of Houston has activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in anticipation of the current winter weather situation. The EOC is the central coordination facility for a citywide emergency response. City residents, businesses and media can get up-to-date information from the City of Houston about this weather threat at They can also follow the City of Houston Office of Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter.

For updates on this situation, visit the City of Houston Emergency Information Site at

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