Conquest of the field of the Fantasy

The Congress in Ghent for the conquest of the field of the fantasy

The NLS Congress ended this Sunday 21st May with the handover of incoming and outgoing Executive Committees. On Friday the members of the NLS were already at work in a Great Clinical Conversation hosted by Jacques-Alain Miller in a generous, strong and oriented way. He gave us markers for the construction of the case, he introduced major reminders such as the importance of anamnesis, and he tightly discussed the place of the analyst, insisting on the direction of the treatment and the calculation of interpretation.

From Saturday, 500 delegates were at work to participate in a weekend of work which proved exciting, in a cheerful and studious atmosphere, around a difficult but central theme. The program of the congress was punctuated by three sequences on desire (the elusiveness of desire), fantasy (the screen of the fantasy) and the real (the abjection in saying). These sequences were punctuated by a Conversation with Jacques-Alain Miller about a case of hysteria presented by Anne
Béraud, another Conversation with two AEs -Anna Aromi and Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen-, and finally the presentation of the theme of the next Congress by Gil Caroz, who proposed an outstanding title for the clinic in the NLS: ” Times of Crisis”.

In this Congress, there were rather happy moments. We will not mention them because they are undoubtedly different for everyone, but what was clear is that, as I said in my closing remarks, each one extracted a small pebble, a nugget of knowledge, which has made of this Congress an advanced conquest in the field of the fantasy and what can be said of it or not!

Everyone left with his or her pebble in the pocket, vowing to keep it until Geneva 2015!
I thank all those who in one way or another, have contributed to making this Congress an event for the NLS, in the contingency of things. Its preparation, the calculation of the program, the necessary balances, were not an obstacle to it!
I heartily wish the incoming team -which I know is strongly desiring to continue the adventure- two years of rich and exciting work in the construction of the School in the WAP!

Dominique Holvoet
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