Lacanian Cartel Activity at the Houston Freudian Field Library

Lacanian Cartel meeting  Friday 10-April-2015


Invitation to Lacanian Cartel Activities


Houston Freudian Field Library. NEL-FIBOL Member.

We encourage the Lacanian Cartels’ activities at the Houston Freudian-Field Library. The HFFL cartels have been registered one by one at the NEL-Miami, and recently also registered in the important movement towards a Lacanian School in USA, called “Lacanian Compass”. In Houston we are currently working on a Lacanian Cartel titled:

 “Function and Field of Speech… and the Real Register”

Next Meetings:
Friday 04-10-2013.
Time:  6:00 pm.
Place: Barnes and Noble West-Gray
Houston, TX
  Lacanian Cartel:
“Function and Field of Speech…and the Real Register”
The “Plus one” Edgar V. Marín.
1-Carmen Navarro-Nino,
2-Diego Parra.
3-Grecia Parra-Briceno.
4-Maurien E. Caron-Zanerippe.

Info: cell 281-318-9579

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