Seminars on Psychoanalysis Studies

Houston Freudian Field Library. NEL-FIBOL member.
Seminars on Psychoanalysis Studies.
Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Nino. AP

* Scheduled from January to July 2017.
* Bilingual English-Spanish. Free admission.
Schedule of meetings:
1- Reading on “More about Love”
Wednesday, 6:30- 8:00 pm. Place: 2030 West Gray Houston, Texas 77019
January 25.
February 22.
March 22.
April 19.
May 24.
June 21.
July 12.
2- Readings about Childhood and Adolescence.
Saturday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm. Place: 12220 F-M 1960 Houston, Texas 77065.
January 14.
February 11.
March 11.
April 8.
May 13.
June 10.
July 08.
3-Readings on “Very Last Lacan”. “Ultimínsimo Lacan”J-A Miller.
Monday, 11.00am – 12.00:m. Place: 12220 F-M 1960. Houston, Texas 77065.
January 30.
February 27.
March 27.
April 24.
May 22.
June 26.
July 17.
Academic coordination:
Luis F Nino G and Marianela Bermúdez-Cuns.
Open Participant Readers:
Carmen Navarro-Nino.
Edgar V Marín.
Marianela Bermúdez-Cuns.
Valeria Ravier.
Maurien E Carón Zanerippe.
Lorena Hojman-Davis.
Adriane de Freitas-Barroso.

*Readings on Psychoanalysis cultural and clinical connections. -Readings from -Lacan’s Ecrits A Selection by Jacques Lacan (1901-1981)
This book is a selection from “ECRITS” originally published in French by Editions Seuil 1966. Texts: Books V, XI, XVII, XX.
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan.
-Jacques-Alain Miller. Texts Selection and Ultimísimo Lacan. – Eric Laurent. Texts Selection. Sigmund Freud. Texts Selection.
*Note: For information about the World Association of Psychoanalysis visit:
The Freudian Field was created by Jacques Lacan in February 1979.
Houston Freudian Field Library. Member NEL-FIBOL -Lacanian Orientation.
Open every other Wednesday 1.30pm to 3.30pm. By appointment.
12026 Canterhurst Way. Houston Texas 77065 Contact us at :
Telefax:(+)281 897 8295 /(+)281 318-9579

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