Hurricane Harvey. HFFL Lacanian Compass.

Houston Freudian Field Library Nel-Fibol, Lacanian Compass
Houston, 8-31-17

On behalf of the members, affiliates, and volunteers of the Houston Freudian Field LIbrary -Nel, Fibol, Lacanian Compass Houston, express our solidarity with the victims and the people affected by the catastrophic emergency caused by Hurricane Harvey. We are sensible with the population of Houston and neighboring cities for the loss of human lives and chaos they have been enduring in the past 6 days.
We inform that our volunteer affiliates, valuables texts and our premises did not suffer adverse impact from Hurricane Harvey, we are all safe.

We invite all affiliates, and cartelizants , with enthusiasm, to resume our Lacanian Cartels activities and the Lecture Seminars at Town and Country, on Saturday September 16, at 12.0m.
Best Regards.
Carmen Navarro-Nino.
Maria-Cristina Aguirre.
Responsibles of the Freudian Field Library

Affiliates, Cartelizands and Volunteers.
Carmen Navarro-Nino. Lacanian Compass-Houston
Marianela Bermudez C.
Edgar V. Marin.
Mercedes Acuna. Lacanian compass-Houston
Valeria M. Ravier.
Maurien E. Caron Z.
Lorena Hojman-Davis.
Adriane de Freitas-Barroso.
Edith N Busby.
Leila Yabiku-Sanchez.
Grecia B Parra.
Gabriela Depine.
Diego A. Parra.
Luis F Nino.
Gabriela Villaboa.

C N N/Hou

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