Program January 2019

Houston Freudian Field Library-Fibol NLS New Lacanian School. Lacanian Compass.

Program January 2019

  • 5th January. Saturday, 12.00pm.
  • On Childhood and Adolescence: Miller, Jacques-Alain and others. Cousty, Philippe. “The Fears of the children” 2017, Paidos, pp. 61-63 and Lacadèe, Philippe.” The encounter with the Other Sex” 2017 UNSAM chapter II, pp 58-59. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Nino; Town & Country77024)
  • 30th January. Wednesday 6.30pmand 7.30pm
  • Discussion of CSD12. On Life and Ordinary Psychosis: Lacan, Jacques. Book 3, 1955-1956. Chapter VII. pp. 129-147. Laurent, Eric. “Sinthome and Nomination”. 2002. C Diva. Argentina, pp. 10-22.(Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Nino; W Gray 77019)
    Zadig: Psychanalysis and Politic : Miller, Jacques–Alain. “Intuition Milanaise”. Eolia #29, 2002, pp. 32-45. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Nino; W Gray 77019 )

Academic coordination: Luis F Nino G and Marianela Bermúdez-Cuns.

Open Participant Readers:

Carmen Navarro-Nino.

Edgar V Marín.

Marianela Bermúdez-Cuns.

Valeria Ravier.

Maurien E Carón Zanerippe.

Lorena Hojman Davis.

Adriane de Freitas-Barroso.

Leila Yabiku-Sanchez.  

Gabriela Villaboa.

Melissa Toro.

Grecia Briceño-Parra.

*Readings on Psychoanalysis Cultural and Clinical Connections.
Readings of Lacan’s Ecrits .A Selection by Jacques Lacan (1901-1981)
This book is a selection of “ECRITS” originally published in French by Editions Seuil 1966. Texts: J Lacan Seminar Books 3, 11, 18 and 23.
The Seminar of Jacques Lacan. Texts Selection.
Jacques-Alain Miller, The Lacanian Orientation. Eric Laurent. Sigmund Freud.  Texts Selection.

Houston Freudian Field Library -Fibol. New Lacanian School. Lacanian Compass. Lacanian Orientation.

Carmen Navarro-Nino. AP AMP, NEL and NLS member. Responsible for the HFFL
Maria-Cristina Aguirre. AME AMP, NEL and NLS member. Responsible for the HFFL

Open every other Wednesday 1.30pm to 3.30pm. By appointment.
12026 Canterhurst Way. Houston Texas 77065.

Contact us at Tel:

281 318 9579

 The Freudian Field was created by Jacques Lacan in February 1979.

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