HOS #5 -2019

Houston Freudian Field Library – FIBOL, New Lacanian School, Lacanian Compass

 We thank the New Lacanian School, Lacanian Compass, Frank Rollier, Lilia Mahjoub, Maria Cristina Aguirre and Alicia Arenas for their support, dedication and enthusiasm towards Cartel’s activities as a way of supporting the formation of a School of Lacanian Orientation in the USA.

We are happy to share with you the product of the Lacanian Cartel, “Love, Desire & Knowledge”. The individual works were published in English and Spanish in the Houston Open Sky #5, the electronic Bulletin of the Houston Freudian Field Library–FIBOL, New Lacanian School, Lacanian Compass.


“Our experience illustrates the importance of the existence of the Lacanian Cartel device and of the Freudian Field in our times. Just like a refuge, it’s a space of honor to speech and to the production of singular knowledges…” (Editor)


HOS #5 -2019 Access here:



Editor: Carmen Navarro-Nino.

Directors HOS # 5: Maurien E Caron Z. and Edgar V Marín.

On line Publication Director:  Valeria Ravier

Houston, TX.

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