Importante notice

Houston Freudian Field Library-Fibol -NLS 

New Lacanian School. Lacanian Compass.

**Alert Houston. Imelda Storm. Heavy Rainfall, Potential Flooding 

    on September 17, 18 and 19, 2019 

HFFL Activities of September 18,rescheduled

to Saturday, 09/28/19 @ 12.30 pm.

Due to force majeure of severe weather announced in our area, Imelda Storm, heavy rain and potential flooding expected in Houston, prudently we should remain close to safe areas. The HFFL Seminar and Zadig meetings on September 18, 2019 have been rescheduled as follows:

Saturday, 9/28 -Life and Ordinary Psychosis: Lacan, J. Book 3, Chapter IX. (pp. 200-205); Laurent, E.2002. “Symptom and Nomination”(pp105-110 ) Argentina. Collection Diva. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Nino; 2030 W Gray; 12:30pm)

Saturday, 9/28 -ZADIG: Psychoanalysis and Politics: Miller, J.-A. (2011)

The Divine Details Chapter X. (pp.205-210); Argentina. Paidos;

Ubieto, JR(2019) Three Reason for a Massacre.

Blog, ZADIG España; Miller, J-A.(2000)  Clinic and Politic. The Banquet of the Analyst. (pp. 30-35) Argentina. Paidos. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Nino; 2030 W Gray; 12:30pm)

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards.

Carmen Navarro-Nino

HFFL Responsible

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