Entrevista a Carmen Navarro-Nino

In this *interview, Carmen Navarro Nino, AP, AMP, NLS, shares her ideas and experience in founding the Houston Freudian Field Library.

Through this conversation, Carmen explains how she, together with some valuable colleagues, started the Lacanian Reading Seminars in 2002 and how, with the support of Judith Miller and Michèle Laboureur, co-founded the HFFL.

Carmen explains the work and activities that have been taking place in Houston, TX and the interrelations between the HFFL and FIBOL (International Federation of Lacanian Orientation Libraries), AMP/WAP (World Association of Psychoanalysis), NLS (New Lacanian School) and Lacanian Compass.

During the interview, Carmen also remarks the elements that helped her to sustain her orientation towards Lacan’s teaching and how the opening of a space to reading his teaching has produced effects on her own clinical practice as well. In good spirits, Carmen encourages the younger generation and anyone interested in Psychoanalysis to approach and work with the analytical cause “as good things can come out of it”, as her experiences well proofs.

We thank Carmen for her generosity, transmission, and sustained desire to work for the analytical cause in the USA.


Entrevistadora: Maurien Caron

Edición del video: Micaela Leni Larralde

Colaboradores: Luis Fernando Nino , Valeria Ravier, Edgar Marin.

*Note: The conversation was held in Spanish to allow the guest more freedom of expression. Transcription in English will be released soon.

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