HFFL Invitation . Saturday, 11/13/2021 WELCOME TO ATTEND to an Institutional HFFL, Annual Meeting.

Houston Freudian Field Library-FIBOL- NLS. New Lacanian School. LC Lacanian Compass.


           We, the HFFL affiliates are honoring the memory of our dear Madame Judith Miller, who passed on December 7th, 2017, in Paris.  

Judith Miller leaves a legacy of tireless work in the dissemination of  the ideas and Clinic Work of her father Jacques Lacan, the Freudian Cause, and the Lacanian Orientation.   

We will always appreciate her invaluable support to our work.  

We honor her memory  



Dear colleagues and friends:  

You are WELCOME TO ATTEND to an Institutional HFFL, Annual Meeting,  

Saturday, 11/13/2021   

Time: 10.30AM to 11.45AM.  Please confirm participation by zoom please send your email to:  hffl.lacanianreadings@gmail.com  (Before 11/13/21)   



     1 -General information. Carmen N Nino.  Institutional matters. Balaces of 2021. Maurien Caron

     2-Activities and Programs as  member of the FIBOL International Federation of Libraries NLS New Lacanian School and LC Lacanian Compass.  

     3- AMP Congress. Paris, April 2022  

     4- HFFL-WEBlog.  

    5- HFFL Program, activities and contributions 2021. Zadig. 

    6-Houston Freudian Field Library, Catalog. Elaboration Information.  

    New acquisitions books. Guida Marroquin.  

 Book Curator: Carmen Navarro-Nino.  

 Data Digitalization: Micaela I. Leni Larralde.  

Data Analysis and Quality Assurance: Grecia Briceño Parra.  

7-Lacanian Cartels activities. Coordination with LC. NLS.  

 CN Nino and M Caron.  

7-. News.  



Executive Committee  

Carmen Navarro-Nino AP. AMP. NLS. NEL. LC member. Maurien Elise Caron Z AP. LC member. Edgar V Marin. Valeria Ravier. Micaela I Leni Larralde. Luis F Nino.   

Volunteer Advisors  

Marianela Bermudez-Cuns. Grecia Parra.    

Volunteers Collaborators  

Diego A. Parra. Edith Nino-Busby. Cecilia Olmo.  


Our Library is open to analysts and non-analyst, artists, academics, students, health professionals and “tutti quanti”, a phrase Lacan used to designate “all and anyone” who is interested on the study’research and Teachings of Jacques Lacan and the Psychoanalysis of Lacanian Orientation.  


To download a copy of the latest catalog, please clickDownload

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